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Afterschool Homework Study Hall & Enrichment


Monday - Friday - 3:30 - 5:30

Florentine’s Homework Study Hall is focused, supervised time for children to complete their school work. Our teachers offer support and guidance; they do not give out answers. We help students develop their problem solving skills and independent study habits, such as how to organize their time and school materials. 

We also monitor the amount and difficulty of your child’s homework, so that we can provide feedback to parents, and, in turn, to the regular school teachers. We push students to complete their homework fully and to absorb the teaching points from their assignments. 

If students finish all of their regular school work, Florentine teachers will provide supplemental assignments and review work.



Afterschool Enrichment Classes & Private Lessons

學科  術科  個別教課

Monday - Friday - between 2:30 - 6:30


Enrichment classes and private lessons can be scheduled during homework time. 

Tuition for Homework Study Hall is prorated accordingly if your child is enrolled in an enrichment class.
For example: Your child regularly attends homework session for two hours per day, 3:30-5:30pm. However, on Wednesdays, she takes the Yamaha Music class from 3:30-4:30; on Fridays, she takes an art class from 4:30-5:30. We would then credit you for 2 hours per week of Homework time.   

Students may register for a single day of HW per week. 
For example: your child comes only on Thursdays for a piano lesson from 3:30-4:30 and stay from 4:30-5:30 in homework study hall for a 5:30 pickup.

HW Study Hall follows the DOE Public School Calendar. No class on public school holidays, but HW Study Hall DOES meet on half-days.




學科  英文 數學 寫作 科學

術科  音樂 美術 電腦



Enrichment Classes / Private Lesson

Sample After School Schedule 星期一到五上課時間表。供參考用。