Saturday Tutorial Program

Afterschool Homework Study Hall

Codespeak Labs Computer Science

Private Tutoring

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English, Math, and Writing Instruction
Advanced Topics in Math, Science & the Humanities
Test Prep

英文 . 數學 . 寫作 . 科學 . 文科 . 考試準備


Florentine’s tutorial classes are held in small group seminars. Students work with dedicated teachers to acquire the skills they need in school and future academic challenges, as well as the study habits and strong work ethic that will prepare them for a lifetime of self-motivated study. Within the group setting, our teachers determine whether a student needs extra support and review, or is ready to tackle more advanced topics in a supportive, stimulating environment.

Florentine Saturday Academic Tutorial Program

High School Academics
SAT, ACT & PSAT Preparation


Grades 9-12 年級
High school academic classes focus on vocabulary building, reading comprehension, identifying grammar mistakes, essay writing, and math. Practice tests are integrated into the curriculum to ensure students are well versed in the content and format of the test.

Middle School Academics
SHSAT Preparation


Grades 7-8-9 年級
Students who are preparing for the Specialized High School Admissions Test or Hunter High School Entrance Exams may take an additional session that includes logical reasoning, practice testing and review.

Elementary Grade Academics
English, Math, Writing


Grades 2-6 年級 

Our classes are designed to give students a strong foundation of learning to empower them in the classroom and prepare them for future academic challenges. One of our priorities is to help students master the skills and concepts tested in the NYS CCLS ELA and Math tests, but our curriculum includes additional topics to ensure students receive a well-rounded education with long-term vision.