Math and science educate the mind. 
Art and music educate the heart. 


The Florentine School, with two locations in Chatham Square and Chinatown, offers a breadth of programs for children and adults. Whether you are taking courses in music, art, or academics, Florentine’s focus is on high-quality instruction using proven curricula by inspiring faculty. Once you walk through their doors you sense that Florentine is a place of “teaching and learning with joy and purpose.”

As founder Elma Moy explains, "My commitment to Florentine is personal: its development parallels my own search for answers to the challenges of raising and educating our children in New York. I share the same concerns and aspirations of other Florentine parents. We want to give a little extra and work a little harder for our children so that they will become happy, successful educated adults.” 

Music education has been a major focus of Florentine from the very beginning. The Florentine Music School faculty comprises over 25 professional musicians holding degrees from top international conservatories and universities, including the Manhattan School of Music, Mannes, Juilliard, Indiana and Berklee Conservatory. 

A flagship program at Florentine is their Yamaha Music classes for children and parents. “We believe music education should be popularized to involve all children. While most of our students will not become professional musicians, music will enrich their lives for years to come. We believe music education should start early when children are most receptive. It should involve parents, not only because it helps the child learn, but also because it adds to the family bond that will be treasured for life. This is the rationale behind the Yamaha music program we offer at Florentine.”